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The online capsa stacking game has been around for a long time in the world of online gambling. This game is very popular with the players because of the excitement and speed of the game each round. This game demands speed and shrewdness in players in arranging capsa (13) cards in each round. This game uses the basic rules of the combination of the same IDN poker card game as the best gambling game that has long been known to the people of Indonesia.

Online Capsa Susun Card Arrangement

In general, capsa susun consists of 3 levels of card arrangement. These three levels of card arrangement have the strongest combination rule at the bottom. While the weakest combination is at the top.

The lowest

The first arrangement in online capsa stacking is required to have the strongest combination. This layer consists of a combination of 5 cards and is the strongest. This layer is the first to be assessed and compared to your opponent. Middle level The second layer is the middle layer. The combination in this layer is required to put the 2nd strongest combination after the bottom layer. This layer consists of 5 cards and is rated the 2nd turn after the lowest layer. Top level The last layer of Capsa Susun is the top. This level is the layer with the weakest card combination strength. This layer is composed of 3 cards and is rated last in the online capsa stacking game. Failure in Capsa Susun Online

Every layer in the online capsa gambling game is interrelated and can be a determinant of victory. An error in placing the card combination will make your card fail and be declared a loser with the consequence that your card is considered worthless.

A mistake in the first level makes all your combinations fail. While an error at level 2 makes your card combination at level 2 and above fail. But the first level still counts.

Win Capsa Susun Online

Winning in the online capsa stacking game is determined from the lowest level. Calculation starts with the highest card of the lowest level of all players. The strongest card combination wins and the player with the second strongest card must pay the first player. Likewise the next three must pay to the second player and so on.

Trusted Online Capsa Susun Gambling Site

The presence of the online capsa susun gambling game certainly brings joy to its fans. It is undeniable that you have to choose a trusted online capsa stacking gambling site. So that there are no regrets later because of the wrong choice of trusted online casino siteswhich results in you suffering continuous defeat. Because other sites include bots in their games. Likewise, when you play an online ceme dealer, you are also required to find a site that is guaranteed and trusted for its safety. So that you are not defeated by bots or robots.
a trusted online capsa stacking site marked by the large number of active members. Apart from that, it also provides non-stop customer service 24 hours a day. Likewise in various bonuses and convenience in making deposits and withdrawals .

Win Big Prizes at Capsa Susun Online

The possibility of winning prizes of millions of rupiah with the online capsa stacking game. Of course not apart from patience, luck and perseverance to learn it. Every victory is inseparable from the skill and foresight of training this game. Just like a poker game. Even though it only requires a small deposit, it is very promising to win up to millions of rupiah.